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The community of Aspropotamos is located at the northwest of the prefecture of Trikala. The prefecture of Trikala is located at the northwest part of Thessaly District in central Greece. It is the birthplace of Aheloos river the second longest in Greece. Aheloos is known since antiquity as one of the most important rivers in Greece. It was worshiped as a god and was the father of the Sirens and Nymphs. Ancient people worshiped him in order to calm his mighty waters.

Villages 'lost' in the forests of pine and beech trees, they retain their natural beauty and many aspects of traditional living. They offer opportunities for relaxation, mountain and river sports as well as contact with the cherished  traditions.

The community of Aspropotamos is composed of the villages of Haliki (pebble), Anthousa, Krania (it means cornel-tree), Katafyto (covered with plants), Milia (apple-tree), Agia Paraskevi, Kalliroi, Polythea (with many views) and Stefani (wreath). The area owes its beauty to the high mountains, with the highest being Mt Lakmos or peristeri (2295 m.) and Kakarditsa (2429m.)the rich variety of plants and trees, the mighty waters of Aheloos (aspropotamos) river and the unforgettable fresh spring water.



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